About Just Gaya’s

Just Gaya’s is a multi-label boutique dedicated to curating a collection of brands, each bringing a unique handmade element to their product design. 

Created by artisans who have a passion to design striking accessories, Just Gaya's retails brands such as Frankitas, Nala Designs and Isle & Tribe, in addition to its namesake collection of accessories. From using plant-based dyes, preserving the age-old art of hand weaving to fashioning hand-printed materials, each brand is simply distinct.  

As we believe in giving back to communities, Just Gaya’s also retails Fugeela, a sustainable lifestyle accessories line designed and produced by the brave working-age children seeking refuge in Malaysia.

The various brands Just Gaya's retails are artisanal. The products are handmade or handwoven and many are one-of-a-kind pieces. As products are made by hand please appreciate imperfections. Remember its in the ART OF THE HAND. 

We prefer not to waste, therefore re-use branding materials and packaging as much as possible. Hope you understand that it is all about the product at the end of the day and you know where it came from.  

BTW the brand name, takes inspiration from the Founder's name, Gaya.